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There are currently 11 excerpted volumes in this collection. Many thanks to Robert Neville, Editorial Director, ABC-CLIO. Browse the entire Clio Montessori Series HERE.

The Montessori Method: by Maria Montessori, 1912, presented in its entirety.

The Absorbent Mind: by Maria Montessori, 1949, Introduction, Translator's Note, Chapters One and Two.

Basic Ideas of Montessori's Educational Theory: by Maria Montessori, Compiled by Paul Oswald and Gunter Schulz-Benesch, Forward, Chapters One and Two.

The California Lectures of Maria Montessori, 1915: by Maria Montessori, Edited by Robert Buckenmeyer, 1997, including exclusive content and additional articles.

The Child In The Family: by Maria Montessori, Translated by Nancy Rockmore Cirillo, 1989, Chapters One and Two.

From Childhood to Adolescence: by Maria Montessori, 1948, Chapters One and Two.

The Discovery of the Child: by Maria Montessori, 1946, Chapters One and Two.

Education for a New World: by Maria Montessori, 1946, Introduction and Chapter One.

The Formation of Man: by Maria Montessori, Translated by A.M. Joosten, 1955, Part One.

What You Should Know About Your Child: based on the lectures of Maria Montessori, 1961, Preface, Forward, Chapters One and Two.

To Educate the Human Potential: by Maria Montessori, 1948, Introduction, Chapters One and Two.

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